Build email, mail, phone and text lists as well as online and social media impact: 

  • Launch and Manage Online Fundraising Campaigns 
  • Plan and Implement Email and Text Communications 
  • Grow Email and Text Subscriber Lists 
  • Identify and Contact Potential New Supporters 
  • Manage Virtual Video and Tele-Town Hall Meetings 
  • Implement Website Refreshes 

Increase the number, frequency, and size of donations:  

  • Provide Use of Proprietary JD Key Donor Database 
  • Create and Implement Print, Phone, Email and Text Fundraising Projects 
  • Plan and Manage Fundraising Events 
  • Design and Produce Digital and/or Print Fundraising Materials 
  • Manage Follow-Up Communications 

Public Relations 
Build public awareness and impact:  

  • Provide Use of Proprietary JD Key Press Database 
  • Create and Distribute Press Releases 
  • Develop and Pitch Story Concepts 
  • Book Press Activities  

Build client’s proprietary data resources:  

  • Voter Database Solution for Strategic Searches & Management  
  • Email Acquisition 
  • Land and Cell Phone Acquisition